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Fishing the flats While the worldwide economy falters, and destinations around the world report falling sales, Buccaneer Travel continues to post growth in sales, customer satisfaction, and just plain FUN.

And we think we know why we're thriving while the overall trend in our industry seems to be downward. VALUE. We continue to offer top-quality fishing vacations in the world's most exotic and desirable destinations for a lot less money.

Just returned from another successful look around some parts of Mexico that have been largely overlooked: another Gulf Coast Yucatan place, and one in the southernmost part of Quintana Roo, ....................just north of Ambergris Caye, Belize.

SINGLES WEEKS - SAVE $$$.  We'll find you a partner: all you have

to do is suit up and show up!!

XCALAK, Mexico  (it's pronounced "Shhcalak")

Price $2100 per person dbl occupcy; except tips and beverages.

More singles trips spring 2009 coming soon.

Trip reports - Isla Holbox, Rio Lagartos, Xcalak, various Bahamas visits in the recent past.  See text box below.  Follow the links to view online slideshows: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v23/redcanoe/2009-02-07-14/?albumview=slideshow.      http://picasaweb.google.com/ismael.riolagartos/FredPeachman#

Need to beat back those stay-at-home midwinter blues?  Rods and reels need some exercise?

    Ahhhhh...Bahamas Bonefishing.....

Spread casually across hundreds of miles of warm blue ocean, countless big and little islands lie shimmering in the sun. Seasons mean little here: it's all summer. On an average day the sun rises from the deep blue of the Atlantic to awaken the mockingbirds, herons, and village roosters. It spreads a golden mantle across the palms and beaches, over the little fishing villages, and falls finally on mile after mile of gleaming sand tidal flats. Bonefish begin their daily prowl for a snack, and the snack seeks the shelter of a burrow. So begins another day in paradise...

Buccaneer Travel is ready to take you there.

To remote islands that are among the world's top bonefishing and sportfishing destinations. In the 1600s and 1700s, native West Indians and a few pirates called these quiet islands in the Bahamas home. Their protected harbors, treacherous coral shoals, endless miles of tidal flats, and sheer remoteness kept the outside world away for centuries.

It hasn't changed much. There still are no high-rise beachfront resorts, no discos, no jet-skis, no banks, no casinos, and no industry. Just some of the best bonefishing in the world.

Like the idea of being one of only 6 or 8 anglers in a vast wilderness? Tired of rubbing elbows with the showroom-clad masses at the "assembly-line fishing factories"? As you go through the individual destinations, you'll get the idea that our trips are less expensive than others' are. We keep our prices low by direct sales (no middlemen), low overhead, careful trip selection that is based upon fishing quality - not luxury - first and foremost.

November 14, 2011:

Non-tropical ruminations:  Saturday, November 12, I took an afternoon off from what would otherwise have been office work (our office is generously-proportioned, but always full of office equipment, business reports, booking sheets, fishing gear, and sometimes drying waders and assorted paraphernalia).   I'm fortunate to live near several northern-California trout, steelhead, and salmon rivers, so I spend quite a bit of my free time in the fall, particularly, with a 10-foot 7 weight fly rod in hand on one of those streams.   Last Saturday, it was the Klamath, between Hamburg and Seiad Valley.  With just two hours to play around in, I selected a favorite set of riffles and runs, and began casting across and down; swinging a size-2 sculpin through the current.  On about the sixth cast, the line tightened, and I felt that familiar but oh-so-thrilling throb in the rod and into my arm and shoulder, then a large steelhead shot up from the current and into the calm autumn air a good 4 feet.  We diced with one another, but my barbless fly held, and I landed one of the largest Klamath River steelhead I've ever caught, at least recently.  I taped it at 26 inches, so I'll guess roughly 6 pounds or so.  That's pretty big for the Klamath, which is known more for sheer numbers of smaller (we call them "half-pounders) steelies than for the bigger fish that divert from the Klamath into the Trinity or one of the lower coastal tributaries.   In the following hour and a half, I caught 4 other fish of the half-pounder class (16 to18 inches length), and drove home wreathed in the smoke of an Italian cigarro and a great deal of satisfaction.  If you ever have a hankering to catch some steelhead in a relatively easy manner (and often some numbers of fish, too), you could do MUCH worse than meeting me here in Yreka, California in the fall.  I can just about guarantee that you'll catch some genuine steelhead, and we'll have a great time watching the fall colors and the wildlife as well.



October 17, 2011: 

Reports from both the Bahamas and Mexico follow.  We've had angling customers in several places this month, and they've reported excellent bonefishing from South Andros, Long Island, and Acklins Island; VERY hot baby tarpon action from the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  One pair of anglers who recently visited Rio Lagartos on the Gulf shore of Mexico were so enthusiastic on their return that they immediately rebooked another trip.  In a full week of fishing (6 1/2 days), they caught roughly sixty 8 to 25 pound tarpon between them, plus jacks, mackerel, snook, and some oddball large sunfish that I'm still attempting to identify from the pictures they sent.

And as usual, the Bahamas have provided a second, and relatively unknown peak bonefishing season in the fall:  clients who traveled to the above-mentioned islands came back very satisfied with both sizes and numbers of fish caught. 

I love the fall months for tropical fly-fishing: no crowds, even in the most popular places (which we don't book, anyway), and fish of all species that have become accustomed over the summer and early fall months to cruising the flats for snacks without any angling pressure at all. 

If you want to participate in the most relaxed tropical fishing on the flats and around the mangroves, you cannot better the months of October, November, and December.  Even January usually offers reliable weather and greater then usual numbers of mostly unwary fish of all sizes on the flats.

Try it out - you'll agree that the autumn months are among the very best for the angler who wants solitude, great fishing, and fine weather.

August 05, 2011

If you've missed fishing Rio Lagartos or Isla Holbox for tarpon this summer, you've missed one of the most extra-ordinary seasons of tarpon fishing yet.

A recent visitor (June 26 to August 03) caught an average of 13 tarpon daily during his visit.

Bahamas visitors have also benefitted from crowded (by bonefish; NOT people) flats. In early July, some anglers of ours at one destination estimated that they hooked up with no fewer than 20 bonefish daily PER PERSON, and also caught a permit, tarpon, sharks, jacks, and even some snappers.

Our special on Deadman's Cay fishing continues - just $1823 per person per person for double occupancy;

7 nights + 6 days guided; meals, lodging, and 6 days guided bonefishing.  Tips, travel, and bar beverages not included.

Don't miss the fall 2011 season in the tropics. 

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May 2011

This has been an exceptional year for Bahamas bonefishing. The fall-off from peak travel in 2007 and 2008 has meant fewer anglers on the flats, and more "room to roam" for those making the short hop to our friendly neighbor islands in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Really, the tropics of the world considered fairly, there is no more expansive area of perfect bonefish habitat anywhere. Added to that are expert guides, lodging from budget to luxurious, and ease and low expense of getting there. To encourage traveling anglers to make the trip, we at Buccaneer Travel are offering a budget but extremely quality trip for two to the best wading flats in the world at Deadman's Cay, Long Island, Bahamas. Price at just US$1823 per person for a full week, this trip shows the white-sand wading world of the mid and southern Bahamas at their best.


That's the way we like to do things: better fishing; lower prices; no crowds. We gladly customize any trip; shorter, longer, two or three islands in one vacation are no problem.

Getting away is easy.

The Bahamas are close, and easy to get to. We or your travel agent can make your reservations through to your destination, and arrange overnight lodging enroute, if necessary. 

Bahamas Bonefishing Packages from $1,823 weekly

Mexico Packagaes from $2,100 weekly.


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